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how it works?

Want to learn more about our capabilities? Check out our Design Rules page!
Go to start with your idea

start with your idea

Tell us about your thoughts and your project idea. Send us some sketches. You will receive a draft quotation of your project.

Go to receive a 3d model

receive a 3d model

You will receive a project page where you can view the progress of your project and exchange information with your project manager. A 3D computer model file is generated from your sketches.

Go to receive a sample

receive a sample

After aproving the 3D digital simulation created for your project you will receive a high quality 3D printed sample.

Go to receive your order

receive your order

If you are fully satisfied after viewing your sample we begin production of your goods.

About us

What makes us different? We can map colour prints to our castings!

We are a small batch manufacturing company. Usually we take customers orders and manufacture their designs. But we also have our own designs we manufacture and sell them under the "Artfab" brand name.

Also we want to encourage designers and creative people to design things to be manufactured by us and sold through Amazon under Private Label or under our brand.

We believe there are many creative people out there looking to bring to life their bright ideas and various designs at proffessional level.

We offer 3D computer design, 3D printing service, small to medium volume resin casting, finishing and color printing for a great final visual touch.

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